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The Business of Art: Ritu Kumar and Himanshu Wardhan in conversation with Supriya Dravid

  In a conversation imbued with creativity, this session of #JLFBraveNewWorld...

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Machines Like and Unlike Me

It was a Saturday evening. I dimmed the lights, powered...

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Writer's Coupé - Anita Nair in conversation with Ashok Ferrey

“I wanted to read someone who rose above the romanticism...

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The Forgotten Soldiers of Empire - A Re-evaluation of British History

In the recent resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement...

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Live a Little

“Don’t let this get out of this room, but I...

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Writing about Writing

“After all, what use is a novelist in a crisis?...

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AK Ramanujan: A Poet's Diary Krishna Ramanujan in conversation with Guillermo Rodríguez

As 2017 neared its end, Guillermo Rodriguez found something beautiful;...

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Gendered Norms and the Work Space: Lakshmi Puri in Conversation with Pragya Tiwari

Growing up, the term ‘superwoman’ was often associated with women...

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How Can the Sacred be Sensuous?

“For most people, bhakti is that intense personal devotion towards...

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