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Turning Mirrors into Windows: A conversation with Anubhav Sinha

  I remember watching Article 15 with my friend and being...

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Fantasy and the Righteous Rage - A Conversation with Neil Gaiman

Listening to the crystalline prose of ‘The Graveyard Book’ in...

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The Seed of Compassion

  On a Wednesday morning, I tuned in to #JLFLitFest’s Brave...

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The Emperor Who Never Was: Dara Shukoh in Mughal India

  “We have the letters that he (Aurangzeb) wrote to her...

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A Rich Session on ‘Poor Economics’ - When laureates talk, we listen!

This session on JLF Brave New World began with a...

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The Future of Economics: A Test of Resilience

As we approach the end of the lockdown in countries...

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Stories that persist after we’re gone - Elif Shafaq with Janice Pariat

Last weekend at JLF Brave New World, Turkish-British writer, essayist...

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Eat, Pray, Love to City of Girls: A Journey in Being Sanded Down

“I wanted to write about sexually promiscuous women whose lives...

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Steinem & Ruchira - Of Friendship, Courage& Laughter

I was having a bad day on that Wednesday when...

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