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Yashaswini Chandra

Yashaswini Chandra

Yashaswini Chandra has a PhD in History of Art from SOAS University of London and has taught courses on Indian and Himalayan art and culture at SOAS, JNU and Ashoka University, Sonipat. Her forthcoming books include The Tale of the Horse: A History of India on Horseback and Memsahibs, Mistresses, Maids and Missionaries: Women of Colonial India.



James Mallinson in conversation with Yashaswini Chanda

Since the Corona pandemic paralyzed the world, social media has been full of people spending lockdown doing yoga. In this session, SOAS Professor of Sanskrit and Yogic Mahant Sir James Mallinson tells Yashaswini Chandra about the history of yogic isolation and how yogis have used solitude and stillness to plumb their inner depths. He also reveals how very recently in it's long history yoga came to be seen to be a form of kalisthenic exercise and keep-fit.