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Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr was born in Glasgow in 1959, educated in Scotland and at Cambridge. He began working as a journalist for the Scotsman in Edinburgh, Glasgow and then in London. He was appointed political editor of the Scotsman, and then of The Economist during the Thatcher years, before moving to the independent as its main commentator and serving as its editor during 1996-8. After working for the observer and the express he became the BBC’s political editor in 2000 and since 2005 has been the host of his own weekly Sunday programme, interviewing British political and world leaders. It is by far the U.K.’s most popular and longest running such programme. Marr is the author of 14 published books on history, art, royalty, poetry and novels and has produced many TV documentary series, including a BBC history of the world.


The Making of Modern Britain

Andrew Marr in conversation Swapan Dasgupta

From Sylvia Plath to Elvis Costello, Frank Critchlow to Bob Geldof, Zaha Hadid to James Dyson, David Attenborough to the Beatles; each one of them has contributed in shaping the story of the modern United Kingdom. Andrew Marr is a leading British journalist, and one of the most visible faces on BBC television, as well as the author of the recently released book is Elizabethans: How Modern Britain Was Forged . In this conversation with Swapan Dasgupta, Marr discusses the living history of modern Britain and reveals how artists, innovators and activists define the new era and how Britain's past has shaped the eighties and the nineties.