Guillermo Rodríguez(2023)

Guillermo Rodríguez is the founding director of Casa de la India, a pioneering cultural centre in Spain, which has become the model for India’s cultural diplomacy abroad. An expert in Indo-Spanish relations, he is a multi-disciplinary scholar, translator, cultural manager, and producer and has published in India, Spain, the U.K., France, Poland, and Germany on contemporary Indian literature, Indian aesthetics and Bhakti literature. He is the author of When Mirrors Are Windows: A View of AK Ramanujan’s Poetics and co-editor of Journeys. A Poet’s Diary.

Guillermo Rodríguez es el director fundador de la Casa de la India, un centro cultural pionero en España, que se ha convertido en el modelo de la diplomacia cultural de la India en el extranjero. Experto en las relaciones indoespañolas, es académico multidisciplinar, traductor, gestor cultural y productor, y ha publicado en la India, España, el Reino Unido, Francia, Polonia y Alemania sobre literatura india contemporánea, estética india y literatura bhakti. Es autor de When Mirrors Are Windows: A View of AK Ramanujan’s Poetics y coeditor de Journeys. A Poet’s Diary