Sonu Shivdasani OBE(2023)

Sonu Shivdasani,OBE the CEO and Joint Creative Director of Soneva, has been an influential figure in promoting environmental accountability. Under his leadership, Soneva established the Soneva Foundation in 2010 to reinforce its core purpose of SLOWLIFE. Initiating the SLOWLIFE Symposium in 2008, Shivdasani brought together environmentalists to address global challenges. Soneva Fushi hosted the Soneva Dialogue in 2016, leading to the formation of SeaBOS, a pioneering collaboration for sustainable seafood production. Shivdasani’s efforts also encompassed the launch of Soneva Namoona in 2019, a groundbreaking waste management project in the Maldives. His enduring commitment to environmental accountability earned him the Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) recognition for his contributions to tourism, sustainability, and charity.