Asha Jadeja Motwani(2022)

Asha Jadeja Motwani, one of Silicon Valley’s highly respected venture capitalists, has invested in over 100 well-known technology startups in the Valley, such as Paypal, Mimosa, AppDynamics, Meraki, and Pinterest. As founding stakeholders in Google, Motwani & her late husband played a critical role in building & crafting the DNA of Google, the startup. As an active philanthropist, she helped create MakerFaire Africa in 2009 and later launched dozens of MakerFests in India to showcase alternative means of learning and earning through local problem-solving. Motwani set up India’s most advanced Fablab at Cept University (her Alma mater), and placed key engineers and architects from MIT and CEPT to integrate Fablab into the course curriculum.