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Supriya Gandhi

Supriya Gandhi

Supriya Gandhi is a historian of Mughal India and teaches in the department of Religious Studies at Yale University. She grew up in India, received her PhD from Harvard University and also studied in Iran and Syria. She is the author of The Emperor Who Never Was: Dara Shukoh in Mughal India.


Dara Shukoh:

Supriya Gandhi in conversation with Ira Mukhoty

Dara Shukoh's tolerance towards other faiths and the myths and anecdotes surrounding him, continue to fuel the popular imagination. Even today, over 350 years after his death, the debate rages on: if this 'good' Mughal had ascended the throne instead of his pugnacious younger brother, Aurangzeb, how would that have changed the course of Indian history? In conversation with Ira Mukhoty, Supriya Gandhi discusses the story of the two most loved Mughals and asks why is there such ambiguity about the Mughals in India today?