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Sujeev Shakya is a thought leader who traverses many worlds. He earned the title of Nepal's CEO (chief eternal optimist) for the optimism he projected in his book, Unleashing Nepal. He writes and speaks extensively on business, development, economy and leadership. He writes a regular column for the Kathmandu Post. His book Unleashing The Vajra – Nepal’s Journey Between India and China was launched at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2020


Nepal: Unleashing the Vajra

Sujeev Shakya and Navtej Sarna in conversation

Nepal and India are bound together by ties of history and common cultural heritage. A timely session with author and thought leader Sujeev Shakya and writer and diplomat Navtej Sarna on the economic and geopolitical realities of the region, and the need and impetus to reinforce the ties of friendship in these fraught times.


Bruno Maçães in conversation with Sujeev Shakya

Former politician and author Bruno Maçães and writer and journalist Sujeev Shakya speak of our transformed times and the lessons of Nepal, China and Europe. An important session on our past, present and future, and what the rebirth of these nations could mean for the world and global affairs.