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Suhasini Haidar

Suhasini Haidar

Suhasini Haidar is the Diplomatic and National Editor at The Hindu. She writes regularly on India's foreign policy, has contributed to several books on the subject and is a public speaker on international affairs and journalism.


Chinese Whispers

Gautam Bambawale and Suhasini Haidar in conversation

Former Indian ambassador to China Gautam Bambawale and National Editor and Diplomatic Affairs Editor of the Hindu Suhasini Haidar speak of India China equations in terms of history and geopolitics and examine the changing posture and calibrated aggression of the Chinese Dream

After Shocks : What Lies Ahead For The Post Pandemic World:

Parag Khanna in conversation with Suhasini Haider

A crucial session on the unpredictable scenario after the ‘peak virus’ stage with Parag Khanna explaining global economic fragmentation, ‘red zone’ geographies and how regionalisation may be the new globalisation.