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Shameem Black

Shameem Black

Shameem Black is a Fellow in gender, media and cultural studies at the Australian National University. Dr. Black teaches in the School of Culture, History and Language and serves as deputy director of the South Asia Research Institute. Her current work concerns the imaginative life of yoga in a globalising world.


Intan Paramaditha: The Wandering

Intan Paramaditha in conversation with Shameem Black

What does it mean to forge your own path, and how far and wide can that path take you? In Intan Paramaditha’s avant-garde adventure story, the reader is invited to blaze their own trail, to wander everywhere and nowhere, and through it all, to question, where – and what – is home? Through The Wandering, this session invites us to explore the politics of travel, turmoil and desire, the freedom and limitations within each of our choices, and the spirit of global nomadism that forever lives at our core.