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Pragya Tiwari is a journalist who has written extensively on politics, identity, policy and culture, and edited publications such as Tehelka, The Big Indian Picture and Vice. She currently works as a policy and culture consultant.


Voices Of Faith: Ramcharitmanas: Then and Now

Pavan K. Varma and Pragya Tiwari in conversation

Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas has highlighted Lord Ram’s immense faith and belief in the concept of dharma. The ideas of the utopian society that Lord Ram strove for within these verses has since then generated the notion of Ram Rajya an ideal combination of governance and righteousness. Author, politician and former diplomat Pavan K. Varma’s latest book, ‘The Greatest Ode to Lord Ram: Tulsidas's Ramcharitmanas’, is an ode to the great importance of wisdom over knowledge that shines through the entire text. Pragya Tiwari is a journalist who has written extensively on politics, identity, policy and culture. Watch them as they discuss the foundations of Ram Rajya, what it signifies and its enduring place in Indian polity.


Virtuoso: Vir Sanghvi in Conversation

Vir Sanghvi in conversation with Pragya Tiwari

India’s leading food writer and celebrated television anchor Vir Sanghvi takes us on a fascinating journey through his life and times with his sharp-eyed observations on changing society and challenges of a new political landscape. In conversation with journalist Pragya Tiwari, he talks about media and culture, food and memory, and the dynamics of a new India in the throes of transformation.

Women and Work

Lakshmi Puri and Pragya Tiwari in conversation

Indian women’s participation in the workplace is decreasing, with the pandemic creating further fault-lines. A rebalance in the workforce could help kickstart economic growth and also pay social dividends. Lakshmi Puri and Pragya Tiwari discuss the evolution of the concepts of women’s work and women at work , under-representation of women in formal workforce and devaluation of their work, flagging the causes and consequences of the roadblocks they face as well as the way forward to correct these imbalances.

The Great March:

Barkha Dutt in conversation with Pragya Tiwari

As millions of Indian citizens trudge home, braving every vicissitude with courage and fortitude, Barkha Dutt examines her heartbreaking journey and the societal lapses that set the stage for this tragic march. In conversation with Pragya Tiwari


Abhinav Chandrachud and Pragya Tiwari in conversation

Author and advocate Abhinav Chandrachud and journalist Pragya Tiwari reflect on the Bombay bubonic plague of 1896 and it's echoes and repercussions today.