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Paul Zacharia

Paul Zacharia

Paul Zacharia has published over 50 works of fiction and non-fiction in Malayalam. His English novel A Secret History of Compassion was published this year. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including accolades from the Indian Academy of Literature. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the Academy of Literature in the state of Kerala.


A Secret History of Compassion

Paul Zacharia in conversation with Anupama Raju

Iconic Malayalam writer Paul Zacharia presents his first English novel, A Secret History of Compassion. Zacharia’s body of literary works includes short stories, novellas, travelogues, screenplays, essays, columns and children’s books. His latest novel examines his relationship with the Left and the vocabulary of social justice. In conversation with writer Anupama Raju, who has translated some of his recent stories, Zacharia speaks of bilinguality, the pursuit of pure storytelling and the method behind his literary madness.