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Marcus Moench

Marcus Moench

Marcus Moench works on water, climate and social change issues in South Asia, the United States and globally. Combining narratives of transformation and resilience in complex social-ecological systems, his work spans culture, art and science in pursuit of change. He founded the Institute for Social and Environmental Transition in 1997.


Are We All In This Together?

Jairam Ramesh and Marcus Moench in conversation

At a time when the human species confronts a pandemic, the planet faces the challenges posed by a warming Earth . How do we address the disproportionate impact of climate change on the poor and societies that have benefited least from the carbon economy? Economist, politician and environmentalist Jairam Ramesh and climate, water and environmental expert Marcus Moench discuss governmental and institutional responses to the implications of these linked crises and ask if and how we can survive and thrive together.