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Manasi Subramaniam

Manasi Subramaniam

Manasi Subramaniam is Executive Editor and Head of Literary Rights at Penguin Random House India


The Silence of Scheherazade:

Defne Suman in conversation with Manasi Subramaniam

Turkish novelist Defne Suman’s magical novel Silence of Scheherazade tells the intertwining story of a Levantine, a Greek, a Turkish and an Armenian family in the turbulent years 1905 - 1922, told through the voice of a mysterious narrator, mute ‘Scheherazade’. In conversation with Manasi Subramaniam, the author speaks of this unforgettable story of a forgotten time and of the stories behind the stories.

The Majesties

Tiffany Tsao in conversation with Manasi Subramaniam

A Burning: Writing and Resistance

Megha Majumdar in conversation with Manasi Subramaniam

Megha Majumdar’s dazzling debut novel A Burning examines the aspirations, heartbreaks and tragedies of three tangled lives in present day Kolkata. She speaks with editor Manasi Subramaniam about her new book, literary fiction and the craft of writing.