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Malika Verma

Malika Verma

Engaged with India's evolving design languages, Malika Verma's work intersects craft, cultural identity and aesthetics. A vocal advocate for India's design and craft communities, she is the Founder of Border&Fall, a strategic and creative agency shifting perceptions of Made in India. In 2017, she created and produced The Sari Series: An Anthology of Drape, a digital cultural documentation of India’s regional sari drapes.


The Sari:

Mukulika Banerjee and Malika Verma in conversation, introduced by Rta Kapur Chishti

A session that explores the beauty, adaptability and fluidity of India’s most iconic garment. Writer and anthropologist Mukulika Banerjee has co-authored The Sari. Malika Verma has spearheaded The Sari : An Anthropology of Drape. Together, they speak of their relationship and connection with the sari and it’s timeless history. Introduced by Rta Kapur Chishti.