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Krishna Ramanujan

Krishna Ramanujan

Krishna Ramanujan is a science writer at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Coupled with life-long literary interests, he has worked as a writer for Earthwatch Radio, NASA and Cornell University, and has published more than 2,000 news stories on topics related to climate change, ecology, biology and genetics. He is the son of AK Ramanujan.


AK Ramanujan: A Poet's Diary

Krishna Ramanujan and Guillermo Rodríguez in conversation

The legendary poet, folklorist, translator and scholar AK Ramanujan left an indelible mark on the understanding and appreciation of Indian literature around the world. After his premature death in 1993, Ramanujan’s personal journals, diaries and notes, referred to as the ‘AKR Papers’, remained with the University of Chicago until his son Krishna Ramanujan and Guillermo Rodriguez edited them. Published as Journeys: A Poet’s Diary, they take us to the heart of the poet scholar’s vision and work. Krishna Ramanujan is a science writer at Cornell University. Rodriguez is the Founding Director of Casa de la India and the author of When Mirrors are Windows: A View of A.K. Ramanujan’s Poetics. Together , they bring Ramanujan’s luminous aesthetics to life.