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Keshava Guha

Keshava Guha

Keshava Guha is a writer and editor. His novel Accidental Magic is set in Boston in the early 2000s in a community of adult Harry Potter obsessives. He is the fiction editor at Juggernaut Books in New Delhi. His literary and political journalism has appeared in a range of Indian and international publications.


Cricket- The Spirit of the Game

Rajdeep Sardesai and Gideon Haigh in conversation with Keshava Guha

India and Australia are both cricket obsessed nations that share an all consuming love for the sport of sports, two brilliant experts bring the changing nature of cricket to life in an engrossing conversation. Author and news anchor Rajdeep Sardesai in his book Democracy's XI: The Great Indian Cricket Story masterfully narrates the story of cricket in a post colonial era through the lives of eleven multi dimensional cricketers. Eminent sports journalist Gideon Haigh has authored Crossing the Line: How Australian Cricket Lost Its Way, On Warne and The Cricket War. In conversation with Keshava Guha, they discuss the spirit of the game and its evolving nature, including its digital avatar in the covid age and the change from Test cricket to the multi billion dollar enterprise of the Indian Premier League.