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John Varghese

John Varghese

John Varghese began his career as a teacher at his alma mater, Loyola College in Chennai 30 years ago. By that time, he had also completed his MPhil from the Madras Christian College. In 1991, Professor Varghese came to teach at St Stephen’s College joining the Department of English. He moved to Hyderabad to pursue his research in English Language and Literature at the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages where he joined the faculty in the Department of Media and Communication on account of his interest and work with All India Radio. Along with 23 years of teaching, producing teaching materials including audio and audio-visual educational materials and liaising with governments in Asia and Africa for educational projects on behalf of the Government of India, he has also published articles and books on media, literature and educational policy. Varghese moved to New Delhi to take charge of St Stephen’s College as its 13th principal.


Across Boundaries: The Spirit of Christmas

Michael Williams, John Varghese, Margaret Alva and Paul Swarup in conversation with Deepak Mukarji

"The spirit and joy of Christmas evoke different memories for each of us. Eminent speakers provide insights into the idea of Christmas and delve into the deep roots of its philosophy that resonate across the world. "