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Janhavi Prasada

Janhavi Prasada

Janhavi Prasada was born in Delhi and raised in the Kumaon hills of Nainital and the Terai plains of Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She is the festival director for Himalayan Echoes: Kumaon Festival of Literature and Arts and a published author on MK Gandhi. She dedicates her time to the conservation and promotion of literature, music, local textiles, local foods, heritage monuments, environment and wellness in Uttarakhand. She also works as a peace activist in the field of technology and is the co-founder of a spice brand White Mountain Collectives. A former journalist, she began her career with The Pioneer then moved on to electronic and new media with ANI/Reuters, BBC and HTV Wales. She now has her own media company, Porcupine Media Pvt Ltd.


Into the Wild with Mattias A. Klum

Mattias A. Klum in conversation with Janhavi Prasada

" Mattias A. Klum’s prolific career began with being one of the youngest contributors to National Geographic in the 1990s. Celebrated for his aesthetic photographic language, he has since contributed to multiple articles and cover stories for the magazine and is the co-author of books such as The Human Quest: Prospering within Planetary Boundaries and Big World Small Planet - Abundance within Planetary Boundaries. In conversation with writer and activist Janhavi Prasada, he discusses his journeys into these different worlds."