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Indrani Bagchi

Indrani Bagchi

Indrani Bagchi is diplomatic editor with the Times of India where she has been reporting and analysing foreign policy issues for the newspaper since 2004. She covers daily news on foreign affairs as well as interpreting and analysing global trends with an Indian perspective. She writes news stories, opinion articles, news features and a blog, ‘Globespotting’. Prior to this, Bagchi worked as associate editor for IndiaToday. She started her journalism career at The Statesman before moving to the Economic Times. Bag hi was a Reuters Fellow at Oxford University. She was also awarded the Chang Lin-Tien fellowship by the Asia Foundation to study US-China relations at Brookings Institution, Washington DC. She is a Fellow of the India Leadership Initiative of Aspen Institute India and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. She tweets @horror06 and @IBagchiTOI.


The Tribulations of Trial by Media

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Kota Neelima, Sevanti Ninan and Pushpesh Pant in conversation with Indrani Bagchi

Sensational and often toxic coverage by electronic and print media interferes with due process and judicial enquiry. Accused and victim alike suffer assaults upon their right to privacy and fair trial. In conversation with Indrani Bagchi, reputed journalists and media persons discuss the causes of this criminal responsibility and the ethical and legal framework required to contain this dangerous and despicable trend.