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Wednesday, 12th August, 2020



Bee Rowlatt is a writer and journalist. Her award-winning travelogue In Search of Mary was a ‘biography of the year’. She co-wrote the bestseller Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad, which was dramatised by the BBC, and is one of Virago’s Fifty Shades of Feminism. Her play about Mary Wollstonecraft recently debuted in London’s West End. She is now writing a novel about a girl who can’t stop stealing.


Writing About Writing

Andrew Sean Greer moderated by Bee Rowlatt

Andrew Sean Greer’s relentless lampooning of the literary world , Less won the 2018 Pulitzer prize for fiction. This novel about a novelist tells us about ‘the crazy quilt of a writer’s life: warm enough, though it never quite covers the toes.’ Here, he speaks of the highs and lows of the writing life, of the doubts and epiphanies in the constant struggle for experience and self expression, and what it means to be writing about writing.


Helena Kennedy and Bee Rowlatt in conversation

One of our foundational human rights, freedom of thought protects the individual conscience of every human being. In conversation with writer and broadcaster Bee Rowlatt, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC explores the need to protect the forum internum - our private and mental space - from the incursions of digital technology.