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Ambarish Satwik

Ambarish Satwik

Ambarish Satwik is a Delhi-based vascular and endovascular surgeon and writer. He is Director of the Vascular Cath Lab at Sir Ganga Ram hospital and Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery, GRIPMER. Dr. Satwik is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Perineum: Nether Parts of the Empire. The book has often been introduced as a rogue and deviant (fictive) sexual history of the British Raj. His columns, miscellanies and opinion pieces on a variety of subjects have been published in India Today, Outlook, Open, Tehelka, Time Out and Hindu Business Line, amongst others.


Present Tense - From the Battlefront:

Ambarish Satwik in conversation with Arunava Sinha

Present Tense: From the Battlefront

Ambarish Satwik and Arunava Sinha in conversation

Even as the medical establishment battles the virus, there are rifts and contradictions within. Vascular surgeon and writer Ambarish Satwik speaks with literary translator Arunava Sinha about the terrors of the pandemic across the perspectives of history and literature as well as in the present tense