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Wednesday, 12th August, 2020

Åsne Seierstad

Åsne Seierstad

Åsne Seierstad has worked as a correspondent since 1993 in Russia, China, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and has received numerous awards for her journalism. She has written six books. The Bookseller of Kabul was translated into over 40 languages. One of Us, about the far right terrorist Anders Breivik and his massacre in Norway, was selected as one of the ten best books of 2015 by The New York Times and was awarded the Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding 2018. Her latest work, Two Sisters, about two Norwegian-Somali sisters who joined ISIS in Syria, is one of Norway’s most sold books ever and was awarded the Brage Prize in Norway.



Erling Kagge in conversation with Asne Seirstad

Erling Kagge is a multifaceted Norwegian explorer, entrepreneur, author, art collector and publisher. He speaks with writer and journalist Åsne Seierstad about his travels and adventures, and the power of silence in an always-on world.