ZEE JLF at the British Library is returning to the British Library, London! Join our volunteer team to support an incredible festival of literature and authors from across the world.

As a ZEE JLF at the British Library volunteer, you will be an integral part of making these rich conversations happen.

Please do explore the various roles available. Once you apply, we will be reaching out depending on the number of roles already filled and take this further.

Note: ZEE JLF at the British Library will be held in London on 14th-16th June 2019 at the British Library. The British Library and Teamwork Arts cannot assist with travel arrangements, housing or visas. Anyone signing up to volunteer must reside in the UK or have a ticket already purchased and housing arrangements made to be able to volunteer at this event.


Venue Manager

Venue Managers handle a venue each at the festival. Ensure all sessions start and end on time, coordinate with volunteers at their venues, book signing area. Direct speakers through crowds where necessary, manage Q&A at the end of each session. You will be provided with a programme brochure and announcement script that you should keep with you at all times.

Author Liaison

As an Author Liaison, you will be assigned to each of the three Festival venues to help ensure that authors’ arrival and departure to the venue go smoothly. You will be responsible to ensure that authors arrive at the venue 15 minutes before their session to meet their session moderator. You will be provided with a programme brochure and announcement script that you should keep with you at all times.

Venue Usher

Venue Ushers help to ensure that sessions run smoothly and are an enjoyable experience for all. You will help participants find seats, ask participants to register if they haven’t already, register guests if needed, and help to keep emergency access aisles clear. You will also monitor the doors if the programme is full and inform people that we have reached capacity. You will assist the security team by watching for unwanted or anti-social behavior. Between sessions, you will need to manage the venue and help with cleanup and other preparations. You may need to tidy up and align audience chairs wherever possible between sessions. You will need to coordinate with the Author Liaison assigned to the venue and ensure authors arrive on time. You may be asked to accompany authors to the venue, to the book signing area, or to the Author Lounge upon request.

Book Signing

Book Signing Volunteers will assist the bookstore set up book signing, ensure authors at arrive the book signing tables, and communicate with the Venue Manager if certain books are sold out. You will be stationed at the book signing locations and help to ensure that the book signing process is a calm, orderly, and enjoyable experience for all. You will help manage visitor lines,ensure that only those with books are in line, and limit the number of visitors requesting signatures if requested by the author. At least 30 minutes before each book signing, you will check with the bookshop that the author's books are available in the book signing area.

Cashier Bookstore (TWA books)

This involves handling cash sales for the limited books which Teamwork Arts is selling at the Festival.

Press Registration

Volunteer is required to confirm the names of the Press representatives checking in from the lists provided to them, hand them their badge, and answer any queries.