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The Memory Palace: A Creative Writing Workshop for Memoir & Creative Nonfiction

July 10th, 5:45 -9pm Eggstrategy: 909 Walnut Set 200, Boulder, 80302

Have you had a rich and interesting life? Do you have important stories about loss and love you feel compelled to tell others, even share with the world? Have you always wanted to write your memoirs, but haven’t known how or where to begin? Are there certain objects you’ve held onto forever because of their sentimental value and the memories they conjure? Are you that person with the tattered postcard dated August 10th, 1969 from a former lover tucked away in a drawer, kept sandwiched between your daughter's first finger painting from preschool (of a pig) and the grubby ticket stub you saved from the one Bob Dylan concert you attended back in Wisconsin because the show changed your life? Or maybe you’re the person who keeps a lock of your late wife's hair lovingly stored inside the same cigar box your favorite uncle gave you thirty-seven years ago to use as a treasure chest back when you still played make-believe games about being a pirate? Or perhaps you’re the person who keeps a brass pocket watch safe in a shoebox up on the top shelf of your closet because even though no one ever wore the timepiece, it’s still an important family heirloom that’s been passed down from father to son for five generations? If you've answered yes to any or all of these questions (or could answer yes to the latter ones if only the keepsakes described were actually yours), then this workshop is for you and you finally have the chance to actively use these sacred objects and precious ephemera as muse to write the stories you know you need to write.

Instructor: Sarah Elizabeth Schantz

Sarah Elizabeth Schantz lives on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado with her family in an old farmhouse where they are surrounded by open sky, coyote, and century-old cottonwoods. Her first novel Fig debuted from Simon & Schuster in 2015 and was selected by NPR as A Best Read of the Year before winning the 2016 Colorado Book Award. She is currently working on her second novel, Roadside Altars, and recently won first place for a short fiction contest hosted by The Adirondack Review. She teaches the craft of creative writing at Front Range Community College where she was chosen for Master Teacher of the Year (Boulder County Campus) as well as Instructor of the Year (campus-wide). In addition to teaching at the college, she runs her own private series, (W)rites of Passage, where the creative writing workshops are organized by season, and then by theme; she also works with individual writers one-on-one according to what each writer might need.

Everybody Writes: An Exploration of Memoir, Poetry, and One Page Fiction

August 7th, 5:45 -9pm Eggstrategy: 909 Walnut Set 200, Boulder, 80302

This will be a safe, active workshop where we will read, write and share while engaging with mentor texts, writing prompts, and strategies for discovering creative ideas. Come with your writing tools (lap top, paper and pen, journal whatever you need...) and at least one personal photograph you’re comfortable writing about and sharing with the workshop group.

Author & Instructor: Timothy Hillmer

Timothy Hillmer is a novelist, poet, and educator who spent thirty-two years teaching in the Boulder Valley School District, and whose book, The Hookman, received the Colorado Fiction award. Tim is also a consultant for the Colorado Writing Project.