Léonora Miano(2018)

Léonora Miano is a well-established author of 14 books, most of them translated into various languages. Born in Duala, Cameroon (1973), she moved to France as a student. Her multi-award-winning first novel, L’intérieur de la nuit (The Interior of the Night), released in 2005, has been part of the Cameroonian high-school curriculum since 2010. Her much acclaimed work has been awarded prestigious distinctions, including the Prix Goncourt des Lycéens (2006) for the novel Contours du jour qui vient (Contours of the Day That Comes), and the Prix Seligmann contre le racisme (2012) for the novel Écrits pour la parole (Written for the Word). Her novel, La saison de l’ombre (The Season of the Shadow), was released in 2013 and awarded the Prix Fémina and the Grand Prix du Roman Métis that same year.