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JUNE. 3. 2020 | 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM IST

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Eat, Pray, Love to City of Girls: A Journey in Being Sanded Down

“I wanted to write about sexually promiscuous women whose lives...

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Steinem & Ruchira - Of Friendship, Courage& Laughter

I was having a bad day on that Wednesday when...

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From Decimal to Zero – Ancient India’s Bounty

My first encounter with the history of Indian mathematics was...

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Ottolenghi’s Lockdown Kitchen – The Warmth of the Hearth

“I thought – what can I do that I know...

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The Future has Arrived!

Has the coronavirus accelerated the fusion between the “real” world...

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My Sunday Evening with Pamuk

As part of JLF Brave New World, Nobel Laureate Orhan...

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Palin on Erebus

“In Waterloo Place in London, across the road from where...

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Fact and Fiction: Unpacking Historical Dramas with Peter Morgan on JLF Brave New World

This weekend, JLF Brave New World gave us the opportunity...

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What Lies Beneath – Listening to Robert Macfarlane On JLF Brave New World

Robert Macfarlane had me at “unburial!” When he used the...

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