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Wednesday, 05th August, 2020

Roger Highfield

Roger Highfield

Roger Highfield is the Science Director of the Science Museum Group. Previously he was Director of External Affairs, Editor of New Scientist and Science Editor of The Daily Telegraph. He has completed his eighth book (two earlier books were bestsellers), writes for Wired and is a visiting professor at UCL and the University of Oxford.


The Dance of Life

Roger Highfield and Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz in conversation

A compelling conversation on how a few tiny cells become the fantastically complex whole that is a fully formed human. Roger Highfield, Science Director of the Science Museum Group and Magdalena Zernicka Goetz, Caltech and University of Cambridge developmental biologist, take us through a moving celebration of the balletic beauty of life's beginnings, as they discuss their co-authored and critically-acclaimed work, ‘The Dance of Life - Symmetry, Cells, and How We Become Human’.


Roger Highfield in conversation with Ajit Lalvani

Two eminent scientists examine the frontlines of the world’s battle with the COVID-19 virus and share their perspectives on different dimensions of the pandemic. Roger Highfield, Science Director of the Science Museum Group, in conversation with Ajit Lalvani, Chair of Infectious Diseases at Imperial College London, who recently recovered from a serious case of coronavirus.