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JUNE. 3. 2020 | 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM IST

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Ira Mukhoty

Ira Mukhoty

Ira Mukhoty is the author of Daughters of the Sun: Empresses, Queens and Begums of the Mughal Empire and Heroines: Powerful Indian Women in Myth and History. Living in one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, she developed an interest in the evolution of mythology and history, the erasure of women from these histories, and the continuing relevance this has on the status of women in India. She writes rigorously researched narrative histories that are accessible to the lay reader.


Dara Shukoh:

Supriya Gandhi in conversation with Ira Mukhoty

Dara Shukoh's tolerance towards other faiths and the myths and anecdotes surrounding him, continue to fuel the popular imagination. Even today, over 350 years after his death, the debate rages on: if this 'good' Mughal had ascended the throne instead of his pugnacious younger brother, Aurangzeb, how would that have changed the course of Indian history? In conversation with Ira Mukhoty, Supriya Gandhi discusses the story of the two most loved Mughals and asks why is there such ambiguity about the Mughals in India today?


Ira Mukhoty and Manu S. Pillai in conversation

Akbar was the most admired of all amongst the Mughals and one of only two Indian rulers to be widely known as ‘The Great’. But before Ira Mukhoty’s ‘Akbar: The Great Mughal’, he had been without a modern biography. Here Mukhoty talks about her ground-breaking study with fellow historian Manu S. Pillai.